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I have a lot going on. That much is for sure. Between family life, work and all the other things that happen everyday, I'm a pretty busy guy.
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  • How To Build A Raspberry Pi Zero PirateBox
    How To Build A Raspberry Pi Zero PirateBox The Raspberry Pi Zero is a very small, fully functional computer that fits into the palm of your hand... literally. Due to it's small size, and 12 hour run time on a 4000mAh battery pack, it's ideal for use as a Piratebox. The darn thing is only 2.55" (65mm) x 1.18" (30mm) x 0.2" (5mm) and fits easily into an Altoids tin. Over the past couple nights, I've turned the Raspberry Pi Zero into a very small Piratebox that boots up in about 15 seconds and provides an Ad Hoc (computer to computer) Wi-Fi network. The Pirate box offers chat functionality, file upload/download and 4Chan style forum, all done off-internet.
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  • My Workday Everyday Carry
    My Workday Everyday Carry It's really no secret that I have an interest in Everyday Carry. While "everyday carry" is not survival preparations, it borders somewhere between life hacking and a life style. I have found great value in having the most essential things I want throughout the day with me when they're needed.  It's the things like nail clippers, for when my nails start clackety clacking the keyboard if they start getting a bit too long, or a AA battery for my wireless mouse when it's old battery finally starts dying unexpectedly. Having a few items that can get you through the day, while making your life better and easier really makes a difference in how you feel when you leave work.
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  • Getting Things Done With Post It Notes
    Getting Things Done With Post It Notes Post It Notes are becoming quite a tool for organization and remembering things for me in my daily life. I needed a system of getting all the things I needed to do, written down and organized very quickly. It had to be even faster than typing reminders in to my phone because many times, I'll squirrel or lose my train of thought all together. When it comes to making sure I remember things, I love jotting notes down as opposed to putting them into my phone digitally. Pen in paper is one of the things that I love, and even if the Apocalypse happens, I can still access information while everyone else is trying to find a solar panel to jack into. Here's the system I use. Obviously, you can come up with your own variation if you like what you see, but this is what works for me.
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  • Fathers Day in Frankfort, MI 2016
    Fathers Day in Frankfort, MI 2016 As far as summer vacations go, this had to be one of the shortest on record for us (at least me and my oldest daughter). We headed up to Frankfort, MI yesterday. It's a three and a half hour drive from our place and I knew I was going to have to come back this morning.  Arriving there around 5, we met up with Dad, Mom, my brother's family and nephew at a cabin they'd got for the week. 
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  • $10 Nitecore Tube Review
    $10 Nitecore Tube Review I've been carrying the Nitecore Tube Rechageable LED Flashlight for about three months now. I've always wanted to try doing video reviews as well, so I decided to try one finally. Since there's not a really good place in the house to do videos when the family is sleeping, I decided to do videos out in the garage, and it seems to work very well. The lighting is decent and I don't wake anyone up with my ramblings. I felt a bit nervous doing a video for some reason, but after the third take, it felt about as good as it was going to get, so I just ran with it.
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  • San Francisco Taqueria, Battle Creek Has The Best Mexican Food
    San Francisco Taqueria, Battle Creek Has The Best Mexican Food I really like good Mexican food, but it has to be authentic. San Francisco Taqueria on Capital Avenue in Battle Creek meets all the requirements I have for authenticity. While I may not be much of an expert on Hispanic cuisine, I do know what I like, and they got it. Specifically, it's the Mexican tacos that I go there for. They're two six inch corn tortillas (one on top of the other) and are loaded with seasoned steak bits, onions and cilantro. Served with a lime, cucumbers and radish on the side, these little tacos are perfect for that lunchtime hunger craving.
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Latest GadgetsNitecore Tube LED Flashlight

$10 Nitecore Tube

45 Lumens @ 1 hour or 1 Lumen at 48 hours, variable brightness, momentary on. 2.2" long, perfect for pocket and everyday carry.

JJRC H12C drone

$72 JJRC H12C Camera Drone

720P On Board Camera, Headless Mode, 8 Minute Runtime, 100 meter range

1080p wifi action camera

$40 1080P Wi-Fi Sport Camera

1080P@15FPS or 720P@30FPS, 25 minute runtime, 1.5hr recharge time, 12MP camera, 170° FOV


Transitioning from Web Development and Project Management to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) hasn't been that difficult. From competitive analysis to on-page optimizations, and from link building to performance monitoring, I'm really liking what I do, and can use what I've learned in this new skill.

Progression Of An SEO Guy

I started out back in the days of Geocities, Bravenet and when MySpace was the social media (did I just admit that?). Back then it was straight HTML, and nothing fancy. Then came the days of flash sites... and then those were gone too. I've gone through Wordpress and Drupal, but found my calling with the Joomla! CMS in August 2012 at Joomladay Chicago. I've put in time at The Detroit Zoo as the sole webdeveloper and now, at 'corePHP' as SEO and SEM expert.

During off times, I love to cook, read bedtime stories to my kids and putz around on my personal sites, making a bit of extra cash as a blogger.




Over the years, I've created over 100 websites. Some of them stuck around, some didn't. These are some of the most memorable ones.

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About Me... The Quick Version

Imported from Vietnam, Grew Up In Ann Arbor. Married a woman from Canton. Moved to Berkley. Moved again to Battle Creek.
Carries an EDC (accused of being a survivalist), Lover of Pho, Collector of Gadgets, and procreator of Children.

Done. Any questions?