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I have a lot going on. That much is for sure. Between family life, work and all the other things that happen everyday, I'm a pretty busy guy.
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  • 4PM Friday: Rock Crystal Edition
    4PM Friday: Rock Crystal Edition 4PM Friday is a weekly series of what I've been up to for the week. How I'm Feeling: Lost and Unfocused. I realize that I've been feeling a bit lost these days. I haven't been in to drones lately, and I realized that I've been really scattered in my thoughts as well as interests lately. I've written a few blog posts, but I've discovered that I need to focus on one hobby and one website for now. That's why I've come back to this one. What I'm Testing: Mechanical Keyboard with Blue Switches I've been putting the One Up Mechanical Keyboard through punishing tests this week. It's a nice 87-key keyboard that's meant for gaming, but I've decided that I really like the feel of a clicky keyboard more than standard membrane keyboards (Thanks to One Up for sending me this keyboard. Look for a full review later on this month)!
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  • Eliminating Unnecessary Information
    Eliminating Unnecessary Information In my last blog post, I mentioned that I was really working on a bad habit of mine, procrastination. It's been going pretty well, and there's not a lot of things that I've left undone since I've focused on it, but now it's time to move on to another area of my life. Setting my personal goals both for me as an individual and me as husband and father of my family.
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  • Procrastination: I've Put Off Writing This Post Too Long. LOL
    Procrastination: I've Put Off Writing This Post Too Long. LOL Over the years, I've learned how to be very good at procrastinating about things I really don't want to do. I could put certain undesirable things off indefinitely. It's something that I've struggled with for as long as I can remember. Right Now, Procrastination Is The Top Bad Habit I'm Crushing Just about everyone can relate in some form or another to procrastinating over one thing or another. It could be a general disinterest in what needs to be done. It could also be the misplacement of priorities, but whatever the reason one can come up with to put off doing what needs to be done, the real truth is that it could result in one of the following unsavory outcomes:
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  • You Gotta Have The Right Tools To Get The Job Done
    You Gotta Have The Right Tools To Get The Job Done You've probably heard the old saying, "You need to have the right tools to get the job done" and for the most part, this saying is true. I found it to be especially true if you're doing any amount of blogging or developing for the web. Even as an integrator, or someone that knows just enough programming to be dangerous, I have found that my previous train of thought, you don't need more than a Chromebook to blog isn't exactly true. Here's the story: For years, I had a Toshiba A7200 laptop that was my primary laptop. It lasted me for over four years of everyday (and all day) use. It was a powerhouse with a 4 hyperthreaded core processor, 24GB RAM and dual hard drives. I loved that machine. In June of 2016, that laptop failed to boot up for the last time. It was right after I wrote the post "Fathers Day in Frankfort, MI 2016" that the A7200 met it's demise.
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  • My Fold Journal & Trekker Space Pen
    My Fold Journal & Trekker Space Pen I have to admit... I love a good notebook. Still mostly an analog writing kind of guy. Over the past year, I've used Moleskine, Field Notes, Piccadilly and Tul Notebooks, but the pocket notebook is my favorite for jotting down quick notes and tasks. Coming in the standard 3.5" x 5.5" size, most pocket notebooks are pretty much the same, but I just discovered the Fold Journal, and it's now my favorite pocket journal.
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  • Lentil Soup For A Cold Fall Sunday
    Lentil Soup For A Cold Fall Sunday I don't usually make the same dishes that I see friends make and share across social media, but this one is one that I just had to make. When I saw my good internet friend, Jay Boucher post a great picture of his lentil soup crockpot on Instagram, it was exactly what I was hankering for on these colder weekends. Asking Boucher of his recepie, I decided to follow suit, and add my own twist in the process.
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Latest GadgetsNitecore Tube LED Flashlight

$10 Nitecore Tube

45 Lumens @ 1 hour or 1 Lumen at 48 hours, variable brightness, momentary on. 2.2" long, perfect for pocket and everyday carry.

JJRC H12C drone

$72 JJRC H12C Camera Drone

720P On Board Camera, Headless Mode, 8 Minute Runtime, 100 meter range

1080p wifi action camera

$40 1080P Wi-Fi Sport Camera

1080P@15FPS or 720P@30FPS, 25 minute runtime, 1.5hr recharge time, 12MP camera, 170° FOV


Transitioning from Web Development and Project Management to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) hasn't been that difficult. From competitive analysis to on-page optimizations, and from link building to performance monitoring, I'm really liking what I do, and can use what I've learned in this new skill.

Progression Of An SEO Guy

I started out back in the days of Geocities, Bravenet and when MySpace was the social media (did I just admit that?). Back then it was straight HTML, and nothing fancy. Then came the days of flash sites... and then those were gone too. I've gone through Wordpress and Drupal, but found my calling with the Joomla! CMS in August 2012 at Joomladay Chicago. I've put in time at The Detroit Zoo as the sole webdeveloper and now, at 'corePHP' as SEO and SEM expert.

During off times, I love to cook, read bedtime stories to my kids and putz around on my personal sites, making a bit of extra cash as a blogger.




Over the years, I've created over 100 websites. Some of them stuck around, some didn't. These are some of the most memorable ones.

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About Me... The Quick Version

Imported from Vietnam, Grew Up In Ann Arbor. Married a woman from Canton. Moved to Berkley. Moved again to Battle Creek.
Carries an EDC (accused of being a survivalist), Lover of Pho, Collector of Gadgets, and procreator of Children.

Done. Any questions?