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How To Optimize A Blog Post Title

The Title Of A Blog Post or Page IS Critical

Take a lesson from the newspapers... Headlines sell stories, and for a webpage or blog post, the title sells the sizzle. Unfortunately, it's not that simple, though. There's many things you'll need to think about when you come up with a title, so we're going to start right at the very beginning. How a headline sells the story. "ALLIED ARMIES LAND IN FRANCE IN THE HAVRE-CHERBOURG AREA; GREAT INVASION UNDERWAY! Screamed the headlines on June 6, 1944. D-Day had begun. With a headline like that, it would have been very hard not to pick up the paper and read more about the great invasion.

Great Titles Always Have Readers Wanting More

Wether you're selling people on a new product or service, or trying to establish your authroity in the overcrowded Defense Attorney market, sizzle sells, and people want to buy. A Title's role is to catch the eye, and make people want more... all in the matter of a couple miliseconds. Merely creating a title that might describe your blog post might do one of the two, but only the best titles do both. Take a look at the two titles below:

  • How to Get Out Of Debt in Three Steps
  • Three Secrets Of Debt Relief Masters To Get Out Of Debt Fast!

There's a lot going on here, but I'm sure that most people who are in financial trouble would be a lot more attracted to the second title, and for obvious reasons, but let's pick them apart. First of all, they both convey the same message. You're offering readers three ways that they can lessen their debt, right. In fact, we're assuming that your body copy is exactly the same between the two. The first one accurately conveys what the article is about through the use of "keywords", which in both these titles is "Get Out Of Debt". The next thing to note is that mentally to most people, three is a magic number, and doing three things can't be that hard, right? Lastly, the article promises to get you out of debt if you'd just read through it (and take action, of course). But the second title SELLS THE SIZZLE!

The second title has way more going on than just conveying the intent of the blog post. It sells it! 

  • Three Secrets -- who doesn't want in on a secret? Also piques curiosity and interest, all within two words!
  • Debt Relief Masters -- Obviously, credible, authoritative people that know what they're doing.
  • Get You Out Of Debt -- Implies Hope, promise, better things to come, life will be good, right? Plus it's the primary keyword!

Obviously, if your post is well researched and thoroughly written, you'll have pulled quotes from those "masters" in the industry to support your three ways. Additionally, even though the ways to get out of debt might be well known, you've pulled your readers into an "exclusive" club that has the insider secrets from top debt relief masters. But since we're just looking at the title, and how to get it to convert people searching how to "Get Out Of Debt", the title will be enough to make most people curious enough to click the darn link and read your blog post.

Mission accomplished.

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