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Subsonic 6 Raspberry Pi Zero Streaming Media Server

I've written a fewRaspberry Pi tutorials, but when it comes to music, I wanted a media server that could play my music library anywhere I was at (with an internet connection, of course). The RuneAudio Raspberry Pi works well for music when I am sitting by the Pi and can jack in with my headphones or speakers, but if I'm at work, the Rune Pi can't pipe the tunes to me at my desk from home.

For this, I've chosen to run Subsonic, a free media server that can handle both audio and video files, and stream them to any web browser on the net, or a dedicated phone app.

While I could play my music on my phone or from the laptop, it's pretty cool to have your own server sitting at your house that you can play your music from anywhere you are, and accomplishes my goal of having a single source for media. I don't have to move media files to every device I have anymore. I just load the files to the Raspberry Pi and I'm done.


4PM Friday: Rock Crystal Edition

4PM Friday is a weekly series of what I've been up to for the week.

How I'm Feeling:
Lost and Unfocused.

I realize that I've been feeling a bit lost these days. I haven't been in to drones lately, and I realized that I've been really scattered in my thoughts as well as interests lately. I've written a few blog posts, but I've discovered that I need to focus on one hobby and one website for now. That's why I've come back to this one.

What I'm Testing: Mechanical Keyboard with Blue Switches

I've been putting the One Up Mechanical Keyboard through punishing tests this week. It's a nice 87-key keyboard that's meant for gaming, but I've decided that I really like the feel of a clicky keyboard more than standard membrane keyboards (Thanks to One Up for sending me this keyboard. Look for a full review later on this month)!

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XJapan Returns In 2016 After 20 Years

xjapanXJapan. I haven't though about them for 20 long years, with the only exception of watching the movie Windstruck with Jin late in 2006, and it's like going back to a part of my past that I nearly forgotten. I was first introduced to them sitting on a good friend's floor, playing a nintendo (the Japanese version) and listening to this band that screamed in a language I couldn't understand, but really liked.

XJapan was Japan's biggest metal band. From 1977, to "The Last Live" on December 31, 1997 they rocked their way into fame, selling out the Tokyo dome 18 times. XJapan's five member group was probably one of the most influencial of my junior high and high school life, resonating with many of the same feelings I had during those days.