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Subsonic 6 Raspberry Pi Zero Streaming Media Server

I've written a fewRaspberry Pi tutorials, but when it comes to music, I wanted a media server that could play my music library anywhere I was at (with an internet connection, of course). The RuneAudio Raspberry Pi works well for music when I am sitting by the Pi and can jack in with my headphones or speakers, but if I'm at work, the Rune Pi can't pipe the tunes to me at my desk from home.

For this, I've chosen to run Subsonic, a free media server that can handle both audio and video files, and stream them to any web browser on the net, or a dedicated phone app.

While I could play my music on my phone or from the laptop, it's pretty cool to have your own server sitting at your house that you can play your music from anywhere you are, and accomplishes my goal of having a single source for media. I don't have to move media files to every device I have anymore. I just load the files to the Raspberry Pi and I'm done.


How to Tether a MetroPCS - T-mobile Phone 4G Unlimited Hotspot with Windows

The $60 MetroPCS plan allows unlimited 4G, but blocks tethering.

This post has been updated for 2015 at this location:

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We show you how to use your $60 plan to get that unlimited 4G on your laptop using your phone to tether or as a wi-fi hotspot

As of this writing, MetroPCS service in the Detroit market blocks tethering your CDMA (older Samsung S3 and similar) MetroPCS phone directly to a Windows seven computer with just a few website exceptions. The way the block works is that it looks to see what operating system you're running, and if it's windows, it will block you. The new 4G T-Mobile phones that use GSM / SIM cards are heavily guarded against tethering, so your only option is #4.


Bypass MetroPCS Tether HotSpot Block

2015 MetroPCS / T-Mobile Tethering Guide (Updated)

Back on November 4 last year, I wrote a blog post on how to bypass the MetroPCS Tethering Hotspot Block imposed on all new phones from Metro.

This article serves as an update for 2015 since times and technology have changed on MetroPCS / T-Mobile.

MetroPCS is now using the T-Mobile service 100% which means that you're actually using the T-mobile towers with your MetroPCS phone. The biggest difference is that when you go to activate tethering on your MetroPCS phone, and you don't have the $40 or $50 plans that have limited 4G data, you'l; get a stupid error message that you have to add tethering.